Asbestos survey carried out in 1960’s Teddington flat

Do you have asbestos in your 1960’s home?

When asked to carry out an Asbestos survey on a 1960s flat in a purpose built block in East Molesey, Teddington or Ham as an Asbestos Surveyor you know with a degree of certainty that you will unearth several asbestos containing materials.

On this occasion we were instructed by the buyer of a flat in Teddington to carry out an Asbestos Survey and we were not surprised by the results. The buyer on the other hand although not expecting so many asbestos materials appreciated being well informed and armed with the necessary information about the asbestos present before completing the purchase of the flat.

In a flat measuring no more than 47m2 we found Chrysotile Asbestos in the textured coating to the ceilings throughout the flat. The boiler cupboard and the door were both lined with Amosite Asbestos insulation board, the flue pipe to the boiler was made out of Chrysotile Asbestos cement. In the kitchen we found a cold water tank that was also made from Chrysotile Asbestos cement and on top of the asbestos cold water tank we found a loose sheet of Amosite asbestos insulation board.


Detecting hazardous asbestos boards

This piece of asbestos board had been left on top of the tank having been broken out of the airing cupboard it had visible raw edges. This material would be releasing fibres every time the cupboard was opened and would need removal and the cupboard sealed up until that could be carried out!


Our asbestos survey gave the buyer enough information to make an informed decision

Although the buyer was not happy to with the results, they were pleased that they were able to make an informed decision as to whether they would proceed with the purchase or not. In fact, the buyer was not put off by our findings and with the help of our remedial plan and removal quote decided to proceed with the purchase.

Removal works were arranged shortly before the buyer moved into the flat and carried out by our removal team. Removal works included fully Licensed removal of the asbestos board to the Airing cupboard and the board on top of the cold water tank with full environmental clean and air testing. We were then we were able to carry out the removal of the Artex to the ceilings and the asbestos cement cold water tank and flue. The flat was then ready for planned refurbishment works, free of asbestos and certified as safe.

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