Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition Survey

If you plan to carry out refurbishment works to a property or demolition then this is the survey you require before works start !

The Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition survey is a statutory requirement. It is a fully intrusive survey that identifies asbestos containing materials, their extent and condition.  This allows construction or demolition works to be carried out without risk of exposure to asbestos. The asbestos survey allows developers and contractors to know what asbestos materials are present, the associated risk and what remedial action is required. It also allows the project manager to know how this will affect the works and the implications on timescale and cost.

Key Asbestos Services work on an ongoing basis with property developers, construction companies, private developers, architects, demolition contractors, building surveyors, project management companies, estate agents and private individuals.  We are retained by our clients and recommended by an increasing clientele as we are able to deliver accurate asbestos reports, promptly in clear English with a minimum of jargon. This allows projects to progress safely and with minimal delay.

We carry out asbestos refurbishment and demolition surveys prior to works ranging from house refurbishments and demolition, retail refits, conversions of offices and pubs to residential use, to large scale industrial projects and demolition of or redundant buildings. Recent works have included asbestos surveys in advance of conversions of a farm building, demolition of large houses and a sports pavilion, and refurbishment works to prisons and a scout hut.

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What does the Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition Survey involve

The refurbishment and demolition survey is a fully intrusive survey which involves opening up boxing, service risers, voids below floor and above ceiling and taking all practicable steps to identify the location of asbestos containing materials. Any suspected asbestos containing materials will be sampled wherever safe to do so.

The purpose is to eliminate the risk to any parties who may potentially be exposed to asbestos and therefore minimise the risk of damage to health. In addition to the risk to health to employees, and third parties, not carrying out the refurbishment and demolition survey out may leave the responsible organisation open to litigation.

We have come across numerous cases where works have had to be halted as suspected asbestos has been identified whilst undertaking works. This has exposed those carrying out the works to unnecessary risk and has also resulted in works being delayed significantly

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