• Asbestos removal for shops

Asbestos in Shops and Retail Premises

Ultimately retail premises need to be free from asbestos risk to be operational for the safety of both staff and customers. We look at where asbestos might be present in the retail environment.

Where is Asbestos In the Home?

The most commonly found asbestos materials in houses that we are asked to sample include Artex and similar textured coatings to ceilings and walls, asbestos cement garage roofs, cement cold water tanks and flue pipes soffits and guttering

Asbestos in Schools

Used extensively in schools throughout the 1950s, 60s and 70s and into the 1980s asbestos is a carcinogen still present in schools throughout Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire. Asbestos can be found in the fabric of a school building; above ceilings, below floors and often in plain sight in classrooms.

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Asbestos in 1960s & 1970s Houses & Flats

Mass use of asbestos predates the 1960s as can be seen with millions of asbestos garages roofs and industrial and farm buildings of asbestos construction throughout Britain going back close to 100 years. 

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