Asbestos Contamination to Demolition Site in Guildford

Urgent Asbestos Survey Required – HSE Stops Works  

Key Asbestos received a call from a client requesting an urgent Asbestos Survey in Guildford due to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) arriving on their site and stopping works. The client had not had a fully intrusive a pre-demolition asbestos survey carried out before works started which is a Statutory requirement for any demolition. The building, which was originally a large house, was in the process of being demolished when HSE arrived on site. The Building company was instructed to obtain an asbestos survey for the site before works could continue.

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Asbestos Debris in the Building Waste

When Key Asbestos arrived on site the building was semi-demolished with piles of building waste/debris throughout the entire site. Our surveyor inspected all areas as far as reasonably practicable within the health and safety guidelines, sampling felt debris, soffit board debris, roof tile debris and cement sheeting littered across the site. A sample of floor tiles was taken from a section of floor visible between the waste/debris that contained Chrysotile Asbestos in addition to some asbestos cement also identified. This raised concerns with us and the client that there could be potential for other possible asbestos containing floor tiles, asbestos cement sheeting (or other Asbestos Containing Materials) throughout the site that were inaccessible due to the building waste/debris pile which were not fully accessible.


Sifting through Asbestos Contaminated Waste

We put together a method statement and risk assessment for the client on the best possible approach to fully inspect the site before works could resume. Our suggestion was for the client to provide machinery that could sift gradually through the building waste/debris piles for us to inspect in sections for any possible asbestos containing materials within or below the piles of debris before it was removed from site. The approach and exact methodology were checked with our Health and Safety Consultant (formerly an HSE inspector for asbestos.)

Removal of the Asbestos Cement and Floor Tiles in Guildford – Works to Restart

The sifting process was carried out under the supervision of our senior surveyor who ensured that no other asbestos materials were mixed in with the site waste. Those materials that had been identified were removed from site by our asbestos removal team and disposed of at a Licensed Carrier site for asbestos. Once the sifting was completed and waste removed from site under our supervision and there were no more asbestos containing materials on site then the works could fully resume.


Updated Asbestos Survey Report

On completion of our inspection and the removal of any asbestos waste then we produced an updated asbestos report reflecting the works carried out and that the site was now free of asbestos.

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