Removal of Artex and Asbestos in Flue Pipes and Soffits

Asbestos containing materials are found in many forms in residential and commercial properties. Key Asbestos specialises in the removal of artex and asbestos in flue pipes and soffits.

Asbestos materials were used in the greatest volume in houses, flats, shops, offices and industrial buildings built in the 1950s, 60s and 70s though it is in use before and after this.

Asbestos in houses will commonly include Artex or textured coatings, asbestos cement ceilings, flue pipes and cold water tanks, asbestos cement and asbestos insulation board soffits, asbestos cement roof tiles and plastic floor tiles and pipe lagging.

There are some of the more common asbestos containing materials we remove.


One of the most common queries we have is concerning Artex / textured coatings that may contain asbestos.  The best course of action is to establish if asbestos is present first and then work out what remedials action is required if asbestos is in the coating.

We carry out removal of Artex /textured coatings often in advance of refurbishment works or because clients want a 100% asbestos free house or office. Artex can be left in situ if in good condition and there is no likelihood of it being disturbed. If you are planning to change lighting, remove walls or carry out refurbishment or demolition that requires disturbance of the coated walls or ceilings then removal will be required. We can target the removal works to a smaller area where only small amounts are being carried out such as changing some lighting.

We have carried out numerous projects, most recently in Ham, West Molesey and Kingston where we have removed asbestos coated ceilings throughout a house.  Where the ceilings are plasterboard or lath and plaster then the ceiling will need to be removed to ensure all the asbestos is safely removed. Where the ceilings are concrete then we need to scrape the coating from the ceiling. We have carried out jobs like this in Sutton and Twickenham in the last month where the works were in advance of installing a new kitchen and bathroom.

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Removal of Asbestos in Floor Tiles

Asbestos floor tiles are commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms and sometimes throughout entire flats or ground floors of houses or often in warehouses and offices.. Asbestos containing floor tiles will usually be identified where the property was built or refurbished in the 1940s to 1970as though it is possible outside of these dates.

Floor tiles have a low propensity to release asbestos fibres. They will need to be removed in advance of refurbishment works, where damaged and often when relaying a floor. They can be left in situ if in good condition and not likely to be disturbed. The bitumen adhesive used for floor tiles often also contains asbestos. This again has a very low likelihood od fibre release and can often be left in situ.  

We have carried out removal of asbestos floor tiles in large industrial units in shops prior to refurbishment and in many houses and flats. We are happy to give you a quotation for removal or to answer any questions you have

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Removal of Asbestos Flue pipes and Cold Water tanks

We remove asbestos cement flue pipes most weeks. Flue pipes often run from boiler cupboards and then may be boxed in a service riser, chimney or are visible outside the house or run into the loft and through the roof. We need to access the pipe run in order to remove the sections of cement pipework that are held in by brackets screwed into brickwork so this may require opening up a service riser or chimney.

Cold water tanks will often be found in the same property as an asbestos cement flue. These can be removed whole where possible.

Flue pipes and cold water tanks are both asbestos cement and therefore a bonded material with a lower likelihood of fibre release. They will require removal in advance of refurbishment works by an asbestos contractor if likely to be disturbed. If damaged these materials should be removed or encapsulated.

Removal of Asbestos Soffits and Gutters and Downpipes

Gutters and downpipes to industrial buildings, flats , houses and bungalows are sometimes found to be asbestos cement, This is a lower risk bonded material which we can remove if damaged, if removal works are planned  or because you don’t want asbestos containing materials on the outside of the property.

Soffits can be again be asbestos cement but also can be asbestos insulation board.  It may be necessary to carry out inspection and sampling to determine what is present. It could be a non-asbestos board. We can carry out removal of soffits where required and are carrying out removal of asbestos cement soffits in Surrey this month for a number of houses.

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