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Do you need an Asbestos Management Survey or Residential Asbestos Survey in Staines Upon Thames, Harmondsworth, or Thorpe?

Maybe you are concerned about an asbestos garage roof and need asbestos removals? Or perhaps you would like us to test some suspected asbestos so you can know how best to manage it? Working throughout Surrey, Key Asbestos is a team of highly professional and experienced asbestos specialists, who can remove and dispose of all asbestos in full accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Our expertise, knowledge and high standards mean that we have built a reputation for excellence and we work across the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. We can offer fast, reliable, and asbestos solutions at competitive rates.

What can we help with?

  • Non-licensed asbestos removals
  • Licensed asbestos removals
  • Asbestos Management Surveys
  • Comprehensive asbestos sampling and testing.
  • Residential asbestos surveys
  • Asbestos garage and shed removal
  • Asbestos garage roof removals
  • Asbestos Artex removals
  • Asbestos waste clearances
  • Asbestos Demolition and Refurbishment Surveys
  • Asbestos consultancy
  • Removal of asbestos pipe lagging and asbestos board

If you suspect that asbestos might be present on your property, it is essential that you call the right people. With Key Asbestos, you will be in safe hands.

Asbestos collection Staines

To find out more about our services or to request a free asbestos quote, please us call now on 020 8288 4460.

Do you need an asbestos survey near Shepperton? We offer all types of asbestos surveys

Do you live or work in a building that was constructed between the 1960s and the 1980s? The chances are that it may contain asbestos because the use of asbestos in the UK was only banned in 1999. Our asbestos company provides cost-effective solutions if you need to identify the presence of asbestos in your building. All commercial organisations have a ‘duty to manage’ asbestos as outlined in the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, so staff and visitors are always protected from the threat posed by asbestos. Guidelines recommend that you ensure you take the correct steps and hire competent asbestos surveyors.

Our asbestos surveys can identify any asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) that may be present. There are six types but three main ones: Chrysotile (white asbestos), crocidolite (blue asbestos), and amosite (brown asbestos). Our Asbestos Management Surveys and Asbestos Demolition and Refurbishment Surveys will determine the type, condition, and extent of any asbestos. Any Refurbishment and Demolition Survey will be fully intrusive, so these surveys are normally completed when any building is vacant.

Remove my asbestos garage in TW16? Yes we can!

Did you know that it is estimated that half a million residential a n commercial buildings in the UK contain asbestos? It is a naturally occurring mineral that loved for its properties such as heat and chemical resistance. Exposure to asbestos fibres can be deadly and cause diseases such as asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer. Whilst many people understand that asbestos can be hazardous to health, they are still unsure what to do when they fear that asbestos might be present on their property.

Asbestos garages and sheds are common. In good condition asbestos can be left and monitored but sometimes it can become disturbed or damaged and must be removed. We offer a safe, fast, and cost-effective asbestos garage removal service in Staines Upon Thames. We can either remove and dispose of the whole structure and in some cases, it will just be your asbestos shed roof or asbestos garage roof that needs to be removed. In these cases, we can remove the roof and safely re-roof the structure for you.

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Asbestos Surveys

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Staines Upon Thames asbestos testing

Asbestos can be a daunting problem for anyone to face. As a number one carcinogen, it is essential that you know what you are dealing with. In cases where complete asbestos surveys are not required, we can complete asbestos sampling and testing in Staines Upon Thames. All samples are sent off to an official laboratory for review under UKAS-approved conditions.

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Nearby Locations

Asbestos removals near Staines

Asbestos garage roofs removed in Staines

Asbestos garage roofs are one of the most common requests for asbestos removals. We also remove asbestos from garages, sheds, and outbuildings.

Artex and textured coatings Harmondsworth

Asbestos can often be found in Artex – we can test for the asbestos and quote if it needs to be removed.

Asbestos insulating board KT16

This was commonly used as a fireproofing material and can be found in ceiling tiles, partition walls, soffits, and window panels.

Lagging on boilers and pipes and loose fill insulation Staines

Asbestos insulation can often be found around pipework, cavities in lofts or below floorboards. If damaged, it needs to be encapsulated or removed.

Asbestos cement water tank Harmondsworth

Asbestos cement was widely used in water tanks and flues. We are experts at removing asbestos from all spaces with as little disruption as possible to your property.

Air heating KT16

Warm air heating systems are an alternative to boilers and are where air is circulated via ducts. If you have asbestos present contact our professional asbestos removers.

Asbestos-lined cupboards removed Staines

Asbestos was widely used by cabinet makers in cupboards, such as airing cupboards. Asbestos insulating boards (AIB) were used as a fire-proofing material. Generally, it is not easy to identify an asbestos product within the home and asbestos fibres can only be seen under the spotlight, so never attempt to remove insulation board or textured coating yourself.