Asbestos Management Surveys

Asbestos Management Surveys are carried out in line with HSG 264 and identify as far as is practical the location, extent and condition of suspected asbestos containing materials. The survey will determine whether suspected materials do actually contain asbestos.  It assesses the likelihood of fibre release, and provides recommendations as to the remedial action to be undertaken.

Most importantly this information is used to prevent those working on or using the building from being exposed to asbestos.

Commercial Buildings and Asbestos Management Surveys

There is a statutory requirement under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 for all commercial buildings to have an asbestos register in place. It is essential to protect the staff, customers or any other third parties using the commercial premises.

We have carried out numerous asbestos management surveys of shops, offices, warehouses, managed offices, commercial garages, bakers, workshops, factories, retail sheds, schools, colleges, cafes restaurants and bars. Anywhere used a commercial premises where there is potential asbestos exposure risk to employees and the public requires an asbestos register to be put in place. The Asbestos Register is essentially a list of any asbestos containing materials, their associated risk and what remedial action is required.

We carry out the asbestos survey in order to give you the information required for the asbestos register. We can also put the register together so you have a starting point to manage any asbestos containing materials identified.

Commercial buildings in this context will also include the common parts of residential blocks and converted houses.

If you are planning refurbishment works to the premises then the asbestos management survey will not suffice and you will require an Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition survey which is a more destructive and invasive survey designed to be carried out prior to works

Our reports minimise jargon, use photos extensively and are designed to be easy to follow. We provide clients with the necessary information to safely carry out Asbestos Management. If you have any queries contact us on 0208 288 4460 or email

Asbestos Management Surveys and Residential Property

The Asbestos Management survey is not restricted to commercial buildings. We are commonly called upon by house owners to survey private residential houses and flats where they are concerned about the presence of asbestos.  This request often comes up during house sales where we are responding to the suspicions of the building surveyor or commercial surveyor about particular materials.

We carry out management surveys where the property owner believes that the building is of an age or design where there is a significant likelihood of asbestos being present. In some cases a full management survey is not necessary and we carry out sampling of a specific material that the homeowner or tenant is concerned about.

We can look at different options and you can then decide what you want us to do.

If you require an Asbestos Management Survey, need to put an Asbestos register in place or you have any queries contact us on 0208 288 4460 or

For our London office please call 0207 871 4105

Asbestos Management Survey Method

The Asbestos Management Survey is designed to address the risk of asbestos containing materials in the day to day use of the property. It is not to be used in advance of major works. The Management Survey is not destructive and requires only minimal intrusion. Sampling of suspected asbestos containing materials involves taking only small samples assuming that is safe to do so. The surveyor will identify some materials purely through visual inspection whereas other materials such as textured coatings / artex will require sampling. Sampled materials will then be analysed by a UKAS laboratory to determine if asbestos is present and if so what type of asbestos.

You will then receive an asbestos management survey that will identify the location of asbestos containing materials, the associated risk and what remedial action is required. The Asbestos Management Survey is used to provide the necessary information to facilitate the management of any asbestos present in the building.