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Professional Asbestos Removal
Call us now for any asbestos queries

Asbestos Removal in Surrey

Key Asbestos undertake asbestos removal for both domestic and commercial clients. We can carry out or project manage removal of any asbestos products from garage sheets and asbestos cement to large scale projects. We are happy to offer advice and guidance where you have asbestos related issues.

We are based in Kingston and carry out a lot of work in the Kingston area and throughout Surrey and are repeatedly recommended by numerous property companies.

We have good access to carry out asbestos removal work in West London, Wimbledon, Twickenham and South London and have undertaken asbestos removal jobs across the South East of England. 

Asbestos Removal Projects

Key Asbestos  are able to tackle any asbestos queries from removing asbestos cement sheets to project managing large scale asbestos removal projects.
We commonly carry out removal of asbestos garage roofs and ceilings, removal of asbestos outbuildings, removal of asbestos flue pipes, floor tiles, door linings, panelling to boiler cupboards, pipe lagging and asbestos cement walls and ceilings as well as encapsulation and removal of textured coating / artex ceilings. As a licensed waste carrier, we also pick up asbestos waste before taking this to a Licensed Waste Carrier site.

We operate with an experienced and skilled team allowing us to be competitive when dealing with domestic and small scale commercial projects. Where the project is larger and may involve significant amounts of licensed asbestos removal we are able to draw on the necessary resources and expertise to fit the project’s requirements and deliver the project efficiently, on time and at a competitive cost.

We have carried out removal projects on behalf of housing associations, on recommendation from numerous estate agents and following instruction by building surveyors and construction companies who have used us repeatedly.

Recent projects undertaken have included removal of floor tiles and asbestos cement panelling from social housing in Feltham, demolition of an asbestos cement shed in Ewell, removal of asbestos panelling and pipe lagging from a school in North Surrey, and disposing of asbestos cement sheets from New Malden. 

Safety is at the core of how our removal works are carried out. We demand a level of thoroughness and attention to detail from our removal teams that respects the dangers of asbestos. Works are carried out strictly  in line with current legislation as set out most recently in the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Is it Asbestos?

If you have material that you know or suspect to be asbestos then please give us a call and we will look to find a suitable solution and if possible put forward a quotation. However, we would look to establish first whether the material is definitely asbestos.  It may be possible that the material causing concern is not asbestos and that unnecessary expense can then be avoided.

Asbestos Removal or Asbestos Encapsulation

If it is asbestos then we will look at the best course of action which may or may not involve removal of the asbestos. We need to bear in mind whether you have works planned that will possibly disturb the asbestos and need a good understanding of the circumstances before we would put forward a quotation. Asbestos comes in numerous forms and the risk associated with it will vary dependent on a number of factors such as the type of material, the type of asbestos it contains and its condition. Asbestos removal may be the best solution though it could be better to encapsulate the asbestos.

Asbestos Removal Queries

It may prove necessary to visit the property to ensure we are offering the correct advice and to be able to put forward an accurate cost. An initial conversation is usually a good starting point.  Please give us a call on 0208 288 4460 or drop an email to