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Asbestos Surveys
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Asbestos Management Surveys in Surrey

The Asbestos Management Survey is the 'standard' survey that is to be carried out on all commercial property.

Our BOHS P402 qualified surveyors carry out asbestos management surveys where commercial clients and residential block managers need to put an Asbestos Register in place to meet their statutory requirements under The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. Management Surveys are also carried out on Domestic properties.

The Asbestos Management Survey, carried out in line with HSG 264, identifies as far as is reasonably practical the presence, extent and condition of any suspected Asbestos Containing Materials. The reason for carrying out the survey is to prevent those working on or using the building from being exposed to asbestos.

The survey assesses the likelihood of fibre release and provides recommendations as to the remedial action to be undertaken.

Our reports minimise jargon and padding, show photos of all relevant areas and are designed to be easy to follow. We provide clients with the necessary information to safely carry out Asbestos Management.

Following on from the initial survey then Asbestos Management should take place on an ongoing basis with regular checks. Re-inspections will be necessary and should be carried out regularly as materials may deteriorate or be damaged over time.

If you require an Asbestos Management Survey, need to put an Asbestos Register in place or have any queries then please contact 0208 288 4460 or email For central London call 0207 871 4105.